The On It Foundation Young Heroes

The On It Foundation Young Heroes

The On It Foundation was Founded in 1999 to assist in bridging the ‘Digital Divide’ by providing free computers and computer training to low-income families with students in grades K-12. Today and over 10 years later, technology is not only in every aspect of our life, the need for computers in the home for school age children is so much greater! The On It Foundation is reminded daily by the number of phones call and emails we receive from families requesting assistance for free computers and technological training due to various challenges they are experiencing. Our commitment to assist children obtain the technological resources to learn, engage and obtain advance career opportunities will continue to be our top priority! Therefore, The On It Foundation has provided two new initiatives to assist our ‘Young Heroes’ obtain the technological tools and resources required to become successful in our community. We have collaborated with national partners and social service organizations to assist us in helping you! Please contact The On It Foundation for further information and/or if your organization would like to partner with us to help our ‘Young Heroes’.


 Free Computers to Military Families with Students in grades K-12

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Through our unique enterprising alliance with Vet Power, LLC, a subsidiary of American Veterans Alliance, The On It Foundation is providing free computers to military families with students in grades K-12, discounted pricing and lay-away programs for computer purchase to Veterans (via our Jump On It! Program), empowerment programs to include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and workforce initiatives for military families. The On It Foundation also collaborates with Veteran and military family assistance organizations to provide unique opportunities and strategic alliances to assist our nations Young Heroes.


Technology for children with disabilities in grades K-12

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The On It Foundation receives numerous requests for desktops and laptops to accommodate children with disabilities. To assist our Young Heroes in obtaining safe and effective technological tools to assist with their educational needs and acquiring independence; The On It Foundation has partnered with national organizations and corporate donors to assist in obtaining free or discounted desktops and laptops for children with special needs. If you have a child with a disability and are unable to afford a desktop or laptop, please contact us to see how we may assist.