Girls Only Team On It

‘GIRLS ONLY’ – TEAM “On It!” is currently recruiting a ‘GIRLS ONLY’ Robotics team to assist in the advancement of STEM education and career opportunities within disadvantaged girls in grades K-12.

The Story Differs for African American and Hispanic Girls

A report from the Girl Scout Research Institute found some significant racial/ethnic group differences in their data. Specifically, they found that African American and Hispanic girls say they have just as much interest in STEM as Caucasian girls, but they have had less exposure to STEM, less adult support for pursuing STEM fields, lower academic achievement, and greater awareness of gender barriers in STEM professions.

However, their confidence and ability to overcome obstacles are high, pointing to the strong role of individual characteristics in STEM interest and perceived ability in these subjects.

Although interest in STEM is high for all ethnic groups (73% of Caucasian girls, 76% of African American girls, 74% of Hispanic girls), interest in some aspects of STEM is higher for African American and Hispanic girls. African American and Hispanic girls are more interested in:

  • How things work (AfricanAmerican—82%, Hispanic—83%, Caucasian—73%)
  • Building things/putting things together (AfricanAmerican—58%, Hispanic—67%, Caucasian—56%)
  • Creating an iPhone app or designing a computer or video game(AfricanAmerican—67%, Hispanic—68%, Caucasian—55%).