Goals and Outcomes

Organizational Goal:

To bridge the ‘Digital Divide’ by providing each low-income family with a student a free refurbished computer and at least 20 hours of computer training with ongoing support and service offerings to those in the home.

Process Outcomes:

Homes with at least one child receiving free lunches in school will receive a free computer.

Homes that have received free computers will also receive tutelage in the home and/or at a Community Technology Center (CTC).

Impact Outcomes

  • 100% of our Children learn to use computers efficiently.
  • 100% of our Children evince a greater interest in schoolwork after six months on the computer as measure by self-evaluation.
  • 100% of our Children demonstrate greater involvement in learning as measured by increases in school grades.
  • 100% of our Children experience enhanced self-esteem as evaluated by guided self-reporting of the student.